Wednesday, March 29, 2006

World: Modernism, Westernism

Now it is turn of Mr. Amartya Sen (AS) to set me off to a rant. I have an in-built dislike for feminists. Not feminism, just feminists. They all remind me of politicians, trying to earn brownie points. Combine it put kind of journalism we see nowdays, things never come out as intended. I am not aware of the context, but I did not particularly the way following statement was put.

"Talking of how women in India are conditioned not to think about themselves, he said unlike in the West where women would answer with a ‘fine, thank you’, or words to that effect, in response to a 'how are you', most women in India would respond with ‘the family is fine, thank you’, instead."

The full piece.

It is either the fault of the author or the publication that the above statement comes off as if it is wrong. What I was made to think of exaggrated scenario. I sure do hear statement in tabloids of the sort "I want to have his baby.". Latest British statistics show 40% of children are out of wedlock, this statement probably is repeated as often outside tabloids as in. It just all sounds too basic, too crude and too animal-ish, as if returning to very basic form of existence. The two sexes come together for solely reproductiive purposes. As if someone caring about anyone else, is wrong and people cannot live with having different roles in society.

A further line says that "Gender inequalities are hardest to address.". The problem with that is we are trying to address wrong kind of inequalities. Instead of cultivating mutual respect, for lack of better words, for other gender, men are being set as gold standard and fight is to reach that. People of both sexes are different and any attempt to unite them as one is going to create artificial differences.