Friday, March 17, 2006

India: What is news

A good piece and a different viewpoint on the Abhishek Kasliwal rape incident by Uptown Girl. It is written by a member of the fairer sex. But the cynic in me thought what if it was written by a guy? Would people had been similarly generous or they would have had a different viewpoint. The guy must be really sexist, MCP, When will Indian guys grow up and the usual shenanigans (Pardon the spelling).

Of course, the second point is even more alarming. The dangerous slide in News standards in India. I stay outside and my encounter with Indian Tv is 2 weeks or so in 1 year. Any change in standards is a bit too obvious because of that. In 2004, when I was in India, I was lamenting lack of quality programming on the General Entertainment channels. My only salvation were news channels and sports. Last time, 2005, it was almost shocking to see news channels. All worse than each of them and none with a semblance of standards, or creativity to separate themselves from the head. All seem to be hunting for lowest common denominators. vis a vis Fox in US and tabloids in UK. Because of all this, I have gained so much respect for BBC for maintaining the dignity of news channels, (though sometimes, very rarely, pro britain stance is too obvious). I am sure situation has not changed in Indin since then also and this story just confirms that.

Just wondering what all the people in India are watching nowdays. Anyone interested in Saas Bahu soaps not included.