Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Computer: Online Advertisement

We all hate all those pop-ups, pop-unders, flashing banners and colorful gifs on websites. To avoid all those I do most of my surfing on Firefox with Adblock running and Flash not installed. Nowdays another form of advertisement, where words become links which show a pop-up if mouse is moved over them. You can see an example on Indian Express site. The idea being say people reading a story about Maldiver might be interested in going there and such ads would have higher chance of getting clicked. On a basic level, it is an extension of Google's AdWords.

But this linking can easily go bad. And an example of that can be seen here. The word getting linked is in the name of the movie Dil Diya Hai and the word Hai is linked to an ad of Hai Ceramic Hair straightening Irons!! Hilarious!


At 2:47 PM, Anonymous ahamkar said...

the worst of the ads-on-mouse-overs is on a site called slate. Its simply horrendous.

On the side note, opera is good for all this ad blocker, no external widgets needed, simply block all pop-ups.

firefox 1.5 has the same feature too, not sure about 2.0, but in 1.5, I never had to install any extentions to block pup-ups. unless adblock does intelligent blocking :)


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