Monday, October 17, 2005

India: The stupid IIPM saga

Disclaimer: My sis is studying there.

This whole saga going on makes me feel stupid! Let me just count the number of ways this whole thing sux.

1. IIPM advertises with facts which to say the least are fishy, with certain selective facts.
2. JAM publishes another set of selective facts which are damaging to IIPM. ( Do not spam me on that. We all are selective when we want to say good/bad about anything/anyone.)
3. Some genius comes with idea of spamming Rashmi's blog.
4. IIPM swings to action(!) and send legal notice to Gaurav, and someone comes another brilliant idea of burning IBM laptops.
5. I find it a bit ridiculous, but would not comment on, Gaurav vountarily resigns.
6. People on blogosphere paint everything as attack on Free Speech, the US way. The whole Indian blogosphere start appearing like one big Slashdot discussion.
7. The legal notices continues, by virtue of numbers, bloggers keep finding damning facts about IIPM and AC. In between, someone starts a Wikipedia link on IIPM.
8. Still to come, Lets see what happens.

It all looks like a big soap opera. 1 and 2 is OK. First is advertisement, second is journalism and what the heck is everything after that. Do not the people know how to react normally so to say, without melodrama of Hindi movies. I am not sure it is possible, but Blogspot help should have been sought to tract spammers on blog. I think India now has some sort of Internet laws(?). And inspite of number of legal notices by IIPM, I have not heard anyone filing PIL or a legal case(I think there is enough ground for one) against IIPM for false advertising or misleading people. All I have seen is favorite Indian time pass. Tea Time Entertainment. Talk about how things are bad and then move on to the next sham that happens without correcting the previous one. Schadenfreude.(Courtesy Boston Legal)