Friday, May 06, 2005

Random: My first comments!!!

I was checking my blog after long time. I have recently started software product development company and since last post had been very busy with it. The first couple of weeks internet was not set up and I was not able to post. Then the whole routine set and lost the habit of writing. I would always get ready to write and short stop of actually doing it. Today, I was checking and found first comments on the site(here and here). Somehow, my mail settings were disabled and I did not get the mails regarding these. Now that has thrown the intertia off and I hope to start writing again. The aim is not to write about my shopping trips and when I am working and when holidaying , but rather things which are more to do with larger picture and to elicit thoughts from other individuals. And yeah Surya thanks for the comment, I will be writing regularly again.( As you can see from dates from my blog, this will be the third try to be regular. May be, third time lucky :))