Sunday, January 02, 2005

Random: The Simple Life.

I am confused. Really. Because of 2 movies I saw recently. Pleasantville and The Village. The common thread being associated with living a life away from our current life, which can be termed complex in many ways. Pleasantville votes for the complexity, not in terms of life, but in terms of the human mind, The Village leaves that question hanging. Which one is better.?This complex life or a simple one?

Examining the things, remember how the things in P.ville are so laid out. Everyone has a thing to do, everyone has a place. Remember, "Honey, I am home. Where is the dinner?". No confusion. Nothing to think about. Nothing to worry about. Is not what we all aim for? Is not why we all crave money, to different extents maybe, so that we do not have to worry about anything. So then what is so wrong with a world so laid out? I am not able to convince myself still. May be because I am used to living this life. I am confused.