Friday, February 25, 2005

India:Indian Idol and crowd factors

I have not followed any Idols around the world, except the first few episodes which are sometimes genuinely funny. I found out there was an Indian Idol only last month. There had been earlier talent shows on Indian channels. I think Sa Re Ga Ma was the first one, followed by Meri Awaaz Suno which was a one time thing. Sunidhi came through one of these only. I am not aware of any other names which participated and made it big.

Last few day Amit Varma is doing excellent pieces on Indian Idol. I started reading his blog during his Indian Ocean Tsunami dispatches, and he is a wonderful writer. Most of cricket fans would have read his 22 Yards blog at Cricinfo. His first story analyzed the psyche of people voting. Though this was about just Indian Idol voting, but can be applied to any other type of voting. The whole question of voting because of affiliation instead of talent came into spotlight. Suposedly, horrible Ravi lasted long because of sustained campaigning in Ludhiana,(My city, though I am not living there at the moment). Probably, because Ludhiana has the highes PCI in India and that means more mobiles, and computers to vote with.

Further anlaysis is about how vote-bank of losing candidates shifted to othe candidates. A large number of elections worldwide are held with losers dropping out and then voters revoting for the revised list. This usually calls for very deft strategies and picking right people to attack. My friend's involved in bidding for University tournaments can ascertain that. I will try to get piece out of them regarding this.

Lastly, he talks about how both the finalists are excellent singers and how the voting for last round is going to pan out. The factors include the looks, bechara factor (Amit came second in last round and has a sore throat supposedly), and the last round decisions like Song, dress etc.

In the second post, among other things he talk about the book Wisdom of Crowds, which does into a long list of books I have to read, which says Group decisions are often better than individual experts. You mean like voting for Indian elections? Or is it the standard Jury vs Judge clash. Hmm may be in another post. Another book I intend to read on similar topic is Smart Mobs. Some day. Hopefully.

As my father says pessimisticly, Sanghe Shakti Kalyug.


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Surreal Reality said...

The role of "affiliation" on voting trends is more than evident from Indian Idol. After the exit of the not-so euphonic Ravi from Ludhiana, large effigies of Anu Malik were burnt on Mall Road. 5000 ardent admirers patiently waited at the airport to give him a king's welcome.

I have half a mind to enroll into the competition next year... I hail from Haryana.. my mum's from Ludhiana.. I've lived in Bangalore for 18 years and Singapore for 7... should have enough affiliations for a sure shot top 5 finish... my musical talent may not be eclectic enough but my background sure is...

At 3:35 PM, Blogger random said...

Very true. My mom had some part to play with the female winner in some contest for acting Zee had last time, mobilizing all the people around. Here being in the circle which had lots of people with mobile phones helped too. Same affiliations reasons. Just wondering if I know you. Your history / geography seems familiar.

At 7:15 PM, Blogger surreal reality said...

Yes yes, I am who you think I am.

Who else would be jobless enough to venture back to a site that is updated anually :D


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