Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Computers: My takes on Seaching

My theory nowdays is there is no killer idea for technology nowdays. Just a combination of tools which makes the tasks easier. Or killer combination. PDA-Phones anyone?

Still sometimes you think you have got something which is a nice take on existing things and probably deserves a look. With so much focus on search nowdays, I was thinking of the work I have done this year.

Beginning of the year I participated in an IT contest(my favorite past-time) as well as talked to a lot of people, most of times not able to convey properly. I will post the details of it later sometime. Over the time of this year I have seen a few of those ideas being put forward by some other people. One of them was very similar with Office Bridging Framework(OBF) developed by MS. Search with Google if you want to know more about it. One of the other applications was closely related to Search and Suggest being developed by MS Research. Read about it here http://research.microsoft.com/displayArticle.aspx?id=1040. Feels kind of silly that even coming with such ideas before they were unleashed by company the size of MS, still could not make it to next round with it.

My current idea on Search is close-ly related to Single Sign-On, and follows on the work I did in my Honors Year Project at NTU. It was pretty odd but one of my flat-mates came up with the exact same thing on same day as me. Talk of telepathy. Nowdays increasingly we find ourself parts of more and more password protected sites. But we cannot search through all of them at same go. Desktop search engines are good, but I think the actual big thing is real Personal Search Engine, which can search web, your desktop and any other content you have access to. Will be amazing right!! I hope all the major players can up to terms with at least agreeing to common SSO platform. Project Liberty looks good.