Friday, July 16, 2004

Computers: Is current way the best?

I have held strong views on the way computers are being used today. The whole personal computer has resulted in a boom but is it required. Of course there has been productivity gain and blah blah, use of essentially the same Personal Computers in Business arena and offices does not make sense. People are treating the computers they are in control of very badly ( well, if computers had lawyers, everyone in the world would have been bankrupt), and expect them to work well. They are more like cars, either you learn how to use them or get someone who knows how to check up things for you or the system will be unusable very fast.

I am really really surprised at people who allowed introduction of MS in the workplace at first. The whole world of PC's is totally different. You cannot allow everyone to use the computers the way they want. Do this at your homes, not at businesses, which run on control. Unix and X in various forms provide much better ways, better control, and flexibility in terms windowing. Then why use MS and allow it to proliferate. I am a current generation guy, I guess all the UNIX people must have pissed all SysAdmins very bad!!