Monday, July 05, 2004

NZ Trip: Web after coming back

I had been away for trip to NZ from 25th till yesterday. Amazing place. But about that later. During the time I checked me emails once. That too I was checking about stuff in Auckland and had some time left on the clock. No net except that. After coming back I was going through all the backlog. Emails are usually no problems. The list might be long but they are there. With currently increased quotas from every major email provider, it is a long chance they will overflow.
It is a bit more difficult to catch up with news, though there might be no need at all to do so at all. What I found this time was that it was damn easy to do so with Bloglines ( which is an online RSS aggregator. I had been using it for quite some time and my subscriptions set up already before going. After coming back just logged into it and everything was there. No need to go to all sites. No need to check back stories. No multiple page-loads. It just took the pain out of the whole process. And it is damn fast to browse through RSS headlines rather than go through individual websites.
I was going through the stuff and there were some interesting stories from last week, coincidentally all about mobile phones.
China censors text messages.
Mobile phones and male fertility.
Indian mobile outstrip Landlines.
I so love technology used the right way like this.(RSS, not mobile phones :))