Monday, December 27, 2004

India:No Sex Please, we are Indians

Finally, sex seems to have come out of closet and come to the living I mean on the personal computer. The number of recent scandals and their availability from Pallika Bazaar in Delhi to Grant Road in Mumbai have shooked the nation. Their is Anara Gupta(right?) case from Jammu to the infamous MMS scandal and many more that I keep hearing everyday. Supposedly there are similar incidents in Indore, Goa and Lucknow. Pehaps, the digital media and its perservance is not boding good for India's society.

But what is the society learning from these scandals I am not sure of. With the arrests in the MMS case, the effort seems to lament these as isolated incidents, find some culprits and shove it under the carpet. The reference's are being made in isolation to the cases rather than normal occurence. It surely seems that teenage/casual/pre-marital sex is on the table and certainly part and parcel of the, well again, BPO/digital generation. I am not sure how the parents of the current generation are going to deal with this. I hope they start taking it seriously, as a fact rather than isolated incidents. Among my generation I do not think anyone around me has had a sex talk or anything close to it with parents. It is time it becomes part of the menu.


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