Thursday, May 13, 2004

Elections '04: So how long it will last and other thoughts

From the first looks at the moment, mid-term seems imminent. Which would be pretty ironic considering NDA will be able to say we will provide you stability and Congress would not be able to. See change. Actually first change in this long series has already occured. Earlier it used to be Congress vs Anti-Congress. Now it is more BJP vs Anti-BJP. Coming to this elections, I am not sure how much a car with two wheels each of Congress and Left will run. Somewhere in between one of the tyres is going to go flat. One of the major reasons for this being, this would not be a combination of equals. Congress is on resurgence and is going to act the arrogant self it is, which leaves nothing for anyone else. Parties supporting it from outside and inside will stand to gain little unless a more solid alliance is notched up, like BSP in UP and MP. Actually, such an alliance would have decimated BJP in UP and halted it in MP. Lucky for BJP it did not work out. Other likely partner is SP with 30+ seats, though currently seems unlikely. SP has always seemed interesting to me. I will write about it in detail some other day.


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